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Allied Express - Track & Trace

At all times during the delivery cycle, your products are tracked in real time and are fully accounted for via Allied's Track & Trace system.

For couriers and taxi-trucks, all relevant information for a job is entered by the driver via on-board data terminal; pick-up time, drop-off and receiver's name are all uploaded in real-time for your reference. If you would like to know the suburb location of a particular job in transit, you can even access that information thanks to the fleets GPS tracking.

Tracking local freight begins from the moment it leaves the warehouse shelf and continues until the time it lands on the end-customer's desk. Every single item in an Allied Express vehicle is scanned through the system and ultimately electronically signed off at the point of delivery.

Overnight express freight, particularly that which goes to regional areas, can pass through multiple locations but with Track & Trace, your freight is always 'on the radar' as it is scanned and logged every step of the way. As with our other services, this data goes straight to the system and then to the website for your access.

With just a customer code and password, you can track your overnight freight on-line. No matter how far it travels, you can find out time of pick-up, time of delivery; you can even view a scanned copy of an individual con-note, all from the convenience of your PC.

Allied's Track & Trace gives you the information you need to confidently monitor your freight movements.

To apply for an account with Allied Express click here or call 13 13 73.

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